[23 album artwork]

on april 10th, blonde redhead will be sharing their new album *23*. it seems so many people associate that number with a sense of mystery, fate and connection. an offical debut single was kindly released from the upcoming album, feeling nothing less than magical, maintaining all their ethereal beauty shared from the past.

l i s t e n. 23

side note:
tv on the radio‘s 2006 album “return to cookie mountain” includes a collaboration with blonde redhead’s kazu on the song hours.

image. dopamine

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  1. Ample Sanity

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  2. music is art

    yeah sq… ive been kinda weirded out by leaked albums lately. couldnt bring myself to listen to the new albums by arcade fire, modest mouse, ted leo either… its not that i dont want to, just dont think im ready. these things take time, man!

  3. music is art

    funny, i was adding the letters of blonde redhead and musicisart, just for the hell of it yesterday morning 🙂

    im excited about this new album, blonde redhead is one of my favorites.. curious to wait and see what the rest of it will be like

  4. doctashock

    I love Blonde Redhead and am anxious for the new album. This particular song is nice, but I have to say it’s different from what I was expecting. The atmosphere is less cinematic and more grand. Seems like they’ve been listening to a lot of brit-pop to me, which isn’t neccesarily a bad thing.

  5. Anonymous

    music is art and blonde redhead together equals 23… thanks for all the beautiful work as always