under giant trees

from denmark, efterklang are a symphonic 5-piece sharing foreign strings, haunting vocals, lush electronics and mesmerizing frequencies. by blending quiet details, different instruments and collaborations with other talented artists, they maintain a classical beauty that can only be found in another country.

with colorfully inspired bright cover artwork by nan na hvass, efterklang’s own personal label rumraket will be releasing the limited edition mini-album under giant trees locally in denmark and for the rest of the world through the leaf label on april 2nd.

l i s t e n

towards the bare hill

jojo [live at nalen in stockholm 11.2005]
see the video

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    […] to Efterklang’s “Towards the Bare Hills” when you have a chance. Love this hauntingly beautiful […]

  2. Mr. Denmark

    WOW. Amazing to see that you present Efterklang on your blog. It’s a very nice band. I adore them.