under the blacklight

its easy to remember singer jenny lewis from her young acting days in movies troop beverly hills, foxfire and pleasantville. although it did take me awhile to really give her project rilo kiley the fair chance, recently, their fourth album *under the blacklight* has taken the spotlight deep inside of my headphones. with majestic stylings of dream-pop and melancholy simplicity, each song guides their way and secretly pulls you in. progressing but still maintaining, rilo kiley’s new-found sense of bravery satisfies as everlasting with pure appeal.


when you’re living in a

3 Responses

  1. Graham

    I love Rilo Kiley… even though everyone thinks they sold-out with the new album, I tend to disagree. They’re sharing a pop side that will bring them a larger audience. Even better for them!

  2. Droll SteVan

    I really liked this group. thanks. I know I can’t repay you… but check this song/video out if you have a chance… it’s funny and decent sounding…