unzip my body, take my heart out

“be in love. i sound like joan collins, but you become quite beautiful when you’re in love.”

+++ roisin murphy +++

with the production of mastermind matthew herbert, the lead singer of the british duo moloko has created her debut album *ruby blue* with sultry submission and vivacious soulful energy. respectively incorporating different lil funk sounds and sedative otherworldly beats pulsating in numerous patterns repetitively, roisin murphy’s smoky vocals are complimented revealing another twisted and experimental side of herself completely.

ramalama (bang // bang)

leaving the city

[from ruby blue 2005]

image by simon henwood

6 Responses

  1. jb

    SORRY! i didn’t realize that you had a link to it on amazon. i couldn’t get it to come up on a search… but it’s a fantastic album!!

  2. Anonymous

    RUBY BLUE – Without Question, one of the top albums of 2005.

    Check MOLOKO while you’re in the mood. A seriously… SERIOUSLY under-rated band. Their live set DVD – 11,000 CLICKS – is stunning.