victoria’s secret fashion show

last week, victoria’s secret celebrated the return of their annual fashion show.  almost like a holiday tradition, like watching the macy’s day parade or rudoloph the red-nosed reindeer, the victoria’s secret fashion show has become not like just any ordinary runway extravaganza. lingerie is selected from the eclectic collection and each piece is artistically adorned in thousands of hand-designed crystals, diamonds, feathers, ribbons, patterns that create a colorful and theatrical moving image within the glamorous backdrop of visual art, to the sound of eclectically remixed and live performed music.

featured music from the fashion show is driven by chosen live performers, selected by dj jeremy healy, victoria’s secret’s musical director and co-producer for many of the remixes played during the event. songs come alive and compliment each doll-like movement of the many models who smile throughout the different themes, attributing so much personal detail to the actual live runway show. although no soundtrack has been made exclusively available, please find below a sampled musical memory.

that’s not my name
by the ting tings [vs remix, 2008]

when you were young
by the killers [vs remix, 2006]

drop it like its hot/plaine, ma plaine
by snoop dogg/pharrell vs paul mauriat [vs remix, 2005]

by seal [vs remix, 2007]

i shot you down
by audio bullys vs nancy sinatra [vs remix, 2005]

beware of the dog/personal jesus
by jamelia vs depeche mode [vs remix, 2005]

6 Responses

  1. Joe

    Hey there. Was just wondering if this version is available for download anywhere? Definitely my fave remix of the song.

  2. alejandro

    I like so much the remixes. I have been watching the show since 2005.

    Where can i find the songs?