videos of the week

theres nothing like being able to watch a video set to music.

the visual experience can take on a completely different meaning when a soundtrack is included. these are some recent strange favorites that essentially turned me on to the song.

remember me..
well honestly, i don’t remember who you are

second chanceliam finn
[ill be lightening, 2007]

in all kinds of weather
if not now not ever
please do not go

you came to mebeach house
[devotion, 2008]

so obvious, so obvious
so obvious

boy voidno age
[weirdo rippers, 2007]


its a long and lonely road
you can put your trust in me

up up upprinzhorn dance school
[prinzhorn dance school, 2007]

suck it up, start stop
keep running through

sheilajamie t
[panic prevention, 2007]

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