visual audio sensory theater

is just one of those bands from my memories that made such an impact on me. the gothic industrial mixed within experimental lines of acoustic and electronic guitars, penetrating bass lines, heavy drums covered in tiny lil details of lullabies spoken by soft words over violins and cello.

known for being a young music prodigy, creator/singer jon crosby’s mission seems to easily keep a listener locked inside another world. living in austin, tx sharing different digital albums under his own management of 2blossoms records and media, allows the direction of vast’s music to be handled strictly through him.

my favorite album of vast begins with the debut “visual audio sensory theater“. jon crosby sings intensley, maintaining his genuine approach to every single clear image of fear, discouragement and tragic loss. sweetly covered in poetry amongst the strange but perfect sound of benedictine monks, a bulgarian female choir leads to the chaos as an 18 piece orchestra calms any tear of sorrow.

l i s t e n

temptation, the niles edge, somewhere else to be

images. VAST

2 Responses

  1. Snadzén

    Just wanted to say that the album “Visual Audio Sensory Theater” is the most beloved peice of musical art in my possession.

  2. db

    Vast’s album, “Nude”, moves me in so many ways. I have traveled all over with that specific album very nearby to experience new environments with its expressions. It’s what it is all about for me. You’ll find yourself walking the beaches with your shoes left behind to “Don’t Take Your Love Away”. I’ve watched sunrise and sunset from the Atlantic to the Pacific horizons with this album.