Wavey Mix


Recently I created a playlist called *Wavey* on Spotify featuring over 90 tracks of future beats, trap, hip hop, and just good music that makes you feel blissfully aware. Over the past 2 years this style of music has become my favorite to enjoy and discover more of. Please be sure to follow the playlist and expect an ongoing mix of additional songs every week.

Stwo “Lovin U”

French producer Stwo maintains an R&B vibe, sampling Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” and builds up the entire track into his own chill wave creation.


Blazo “Calm Grey”

Producer Blazo is greatly influenced by elements of jazz, but beautifully takes his own hip hop beats to provide a fantastic sound.


George Maple “Talk Talk (Ta-Ku Remix)

Australian George Maple’s song Talk Talk is intimately remixed by Australian producer Ta-Ku and creates a subdued vibe that focuses on the simplicity of the song, blending the material down to a clean and precise level.


Arca “Walls”

Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi is the mastermind behind the project Arca. Known for his writing credits on Kanye West’s album Yeezus, Arca provides an experimental sound that showcases a strong talent that’s hard to deny.


Purity Ring “Obedear”

Canadians Purity Ring’s debut album “Shrines” was a true electronic favorite of 2012, and still remains a classic today.


Sweater Beats “Magic”

New York producer Sweater Beats is the production alias of Filipino-American music maker Antonio Cuna. His overall vibe provides trap beats and waves of synths mixed with R&B.


Photo by musicisart :: Words by Guillaume Apollinaire