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kill me again

lucky [radiohead cover]
my brightest diamond

“My Brightest Diamond votes Radiohead our favorite band of all time. We cannot commodify the value of being able to listen to this record for years and not tire of it, always hearing something new, the tones never wearing on your ears but rather endlessly fascinating with textures and new sound combinations, the songs and voice plumbing the depths of lostness then raising your spirits to a roaring high. Yes, we gush and are unashamed of our love. I chose this particular track because Diamond Girl needed another theme song. -Shara Worden”

stereogum recently compiled a collection of radiohead covers as a tribute to ok computer’s 10th year.  please go there to enjoy more.

drawing by a beautiful revolution.

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  1. My Best Enemy

    Thanks for the post. Shara and the band maintain the sublime feeling you get whilst listing to Radiohead while bringing their own banchee like haunting. Great cover. If only Thom and Shara would provide a us a duets lp!

  2. neblog

    […] (ächz, nervt mich) etc etc. zackig runterladen, vielleicht ist es gleich schon nicht mehr da. (dort […]