we are warm and we are safe

..here we go again..
from northern vancouver, hails five lovely ladies called the organ. the lead singer, katie sketch, has been complimented to the likes of morrissey while the music has been associated with the drowning sounds of the cure, interpol and joy division. however, the organ create a new wave feeling all of their own sharing haunting yearning vocals over an old hammond organ, clean catchy guitar riffs, perfected bass lines and crisp propelling drumming.

one day while scanning through music videos, the organ’s brother resonated and i couldnt help but press rewind and play over and over again. then came the headphone listening test of their debut album grab that gun which gave the impression as if they had been performing for years. at times, to hear katie’s howling longing screaming in my ear was worth the addictive listen just in itself. for their next release, it will be interesting to see how far they have grown, as they have proved true potential for simply good things to come and more.