we own the sky.

from france, m83‘s fifth studio release saturdays = youth is one of those beautiful spring albums adorned with so many colorful shades of vivid watercolor images, star-catching sounds and ethreal destinations. more than easy to get yourself lost to, the entire album should be listened to on a long journey far away from home.

we own the sky

i’m gonna jump the walls and run
i wonder if they’ll miss me?
i won’t miss them.

the cemetery is my home
i want to be a part of it
invisible even to the night
then i’ll read poetry to the stones
maybe one day i could be one of them

wise and silent
waiting for someone to love me
waiting for someone to kiss me

i’m fifteen years old
and i feel its already too late to live
don’t you?

graveyard girl
[saturdays=youth, 2008]

artwork by star27

6 Responses

  1. musicisart

    thankyou! i really cant stop listening to this album over and over again.

    jim… “it really makes me feel something special” you said it all. 🙂

  2. jim

    I have been listening to “We Own the Sky” over and over lately – I chose it as a “sampler” from the album a few days ago, on the name alone, and I am quite glad I did. It is a great track, really makes me feel something special. And the title reminds me of Boards of Canada’s “You Could Feel the Sky.” Anyway, bravo, great taste as always!