we’re not going to live forever…

deadboy & the elephantmen are one of those bands i stumbled across while i was living in new orleans. almost six years ago, a friend had told me that they were a must-see live. exhausted, wandering along the streets until i got towards the end of the mississippi river, i stood up against a wall and before i knew it.. i had entered the total chaos of what it is to hear and watch a band perform. only two members played upon the stage, tessie on drums and dax on guitar/vocals, but it was all they needed. they fused together their lo-fi louisiana blues mixed within cigarette smoking-whiskey drinking southern rock, leaving me completely obliterated. in a city full of vampires, darkness, beauty and sadness, all i could think was “this band IS new orleans.” listening today, they still remind me and i love every lil bit of it.

from we are
night sky [2006]

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  1. Boronali

    I have to bless once again my random wandering over the net for finding your superbe blog !

    Count me as a total addict from now on !

    Thanks ! ! !

  2. Candy Minx

    Yes, they are amazing, what a full sound. I have a Henry Rollins episode form his show on IFC, he interviews Perry Ferrel, not bad interview…and then introduces the band…who was in line up for Lolapolooza in chicago this summer.

    Hey I am having an art opening and you’re invited. I hope you have time to drop by, have a wee drink and a lookieloo. Bring some friends!

    Here is the address: