we’ve got nothing to fear

to find me gone is the second album by andy cabic’s band vetiver that will be unveiled on may 22nd.
over the years, andy has helped friend devendra banhart on tour and has slowly crafted the music of vetiver. most remember his style as dreamy quiet acoustics from his debut, but something special has been added — the beauty of loud crashing drums and over and over and over again repeating electric guitars wildly exploding inside yr head. andy shares an intimate connection with his full band [made up of his best friends] thats simply shared right through the sound and really thats what pure magical music is all about.

listen to: red lantern girls

my first introduction to vetiver was a lil complilation cd devendra created called *the golden apples of the sun.* from the likes of antony, espers, diane cluck.. its rather beautiful and one of the most calming and sincere collections to dream to.

4 Responses

  1. neutralmilk

    I was also first introduced to Vetiver through the Golden Apples comp. Angel’s Share is such a beautiful song! Since you recommend the second album more I think I’ll get that one first.

  2. Anonymous

    i agree, the second one really blew me away! (I was surprised since it’s much less chalk full of celebs ; )

  3. northcountry

    the links are very slow for me, but the songs on the vetiver website are lovely! so thankyou for recommending them. xo