what have you done…

a few months ago, when i asked visual artist angie mason to kindly share some of her favorite musicians, she mentioned matson jones.

after researching angie’s recommendation and listening over and over again to their debut, they too, have become a special favorite of my own. living in ft. collins, colorado, consisting of two cellists/vocalists, one upright bassist and a drummer, this four-piece presents eclectic layers of chaotic intensity that distinctly possesses their own artistic spirit and power. together they have made raw music that certainly proves in the best way possible, insanity does equal creativity.

ive got people to see
and places that i need to burn down
and secrets that i need to burn out of my head

l i s t e n

a bit of arson never hurt anyone
new york city fuck off
[mj 2005]

be sure to see this wonderful handmade video
by angie mason featuring the music of matson jones. 


4 Responses

  1. nele

    Hey…I also have to thank you for this recommandation. I really, really like their music.
    And I also like angie masons art. Interesting.