what polaroids can do.

Pictures by Mark Brodie

Mike Brodie at Plrds.com

an old FecalFace interview from March 2006

Animal Collective – Did you see the Words

Broadcast – Man is not Bird

Cat Power – Could We

Daedelus – Overdressed

Darkel – At the end of the Sky (Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel solo project)

Eels – Trouble with Dreams

Gamine – Love and Poverty

The Magic Numbers – Long Legs

Tortoise – Monica

6 Responses

  1. gabrielito

    I like your pictures and many of your great comments and music…how do you find out about so much interesting music? I’m stuck in Thailand but thank heaven for this Internet!

    I love M. Ward and the Walkmen. Do you like them?

    take care,

  2. music is art

    beautiful beautiful beautiful M!

    bodegogo and cocaine:: thankyou for the kind compliments, very much appreciated.