when we were strangers

because i’m still in love with you
on this harv
est moon

there is something about the song ‘harvest moon’, and i’m not sure what it is. i wouldn’t really want to quote any of the lyrics from it, and the music is fairly meandering for the most part, but there is an inexplicable chill from the song. what did it for me was hearing kevin barnes covering it, softly and sweetly, with a sincerity i don’t find in the hunderds of other covers of the song. even the elliott smith version doesn’t work for me. maybe it’s because i’ve been feeling so emptyand disinterested recently, and the song encapsulates how i wish could be: a few simple words that carry so much meaning behind them, regardless of how trite and cliched that meaning is, because at least there is meaning.

Kevin BarnesHarvest Moon
Neil YoungHarvest Moon

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