who do you… trust?

London’s Gold Panda has returned with the Trust EP, following up after his 2010 beautiful debut Lucky Shiner. In the same vein as downtempo genius Bonobo, Gold Panda creates soothing music filled with hypnotic hip-hop beats, quickfire samples, and swirling instrumental tracks. The Trust EP is digitally available through The Ghostly Store right now, may be streamed entirely over on Soundcloud, and will be released officially on vinyl March 5th.

“I used to get depressed a lot when I was younger. I’m still dealing with it, I just don’t want to see anyone, don’t want to do anything. And I guess I made music that soundtracked how I felt – I didn’t want to hear anything with lyrics, just music. My friend says it sounds happy, so maybe it’s me trying to be happy. I don’t know. A lot of songs are made up of one sample, pitched up or down and looped – so even though the original sample might sound melancholic, together with the rest, it can sound comforting. So maybe more like a happy sadness. It’s a strangely comforting thing, feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe that’s why people get stuck in it, in a way. You’re scared of being happy, in case that happiness disappears, so you extinguish it yourself.” – Gold Panda


Gold Panda – You (Lucky Shiner, 2010)