will you be my valentine?

*to love & be loved in return*
art by marion peck

001 winter :: michael stipe [.39sec of tori cover, live, philadelphia pa 1995]

002 winter :: tori amos [live, raleigh nc 2003]003 red colored stars :: ours [live, nashville tn 2005]004

so real :: jeff buckley [grace 1994]005 tau tou :: brand new [deja entendu 2003] 006

crown of love :: arcade fire [funeral 2004]

love & happiness :: al green [greatest hits 1975]008 love will come through :: travis [12 memories 2003]009

love & some verses :: iron & wine [our endless numbered days 2004] 010 all i want is you :: u2 [reality bites sndtrk 1994]

see: how do i put into words what i feel?

4 Responses

  1. music is art

    awww thanks heather for stopping by 🙂 michael stipe’s lil cover gives me chills too, wish it was made into a full song, he would sure do a beautiful job.

  2. heather

    LOVE the Michael Stipe Tori Amos cover. That is such a great song. Even that short clip gave me chills.