win! the peel sessions (1991-2004)

respected by amazing musicians and an inspiration to many, it was a great cause of sadness when john peel passed away two years ago. as with the many legendary peel sessions, john was a british master of finding undiscovered talent and casually letting each performer share an originality that truly profiled how emotionally intense they were live.

in the studios of the bbc on-air journalist, pj harvey was recorded on many occasions. they created a special bond from the very early beginning of pj’s career and along the way, john proved to be one of her greatest mentors. as a tribute in memory of him, a personally selected collection of twelve rare live performances were mastered and recently released.


win! thanks to the good people at filter magazine, musicisart will be giving away extra copies of pj harvey – the peel sessions (1991-2004). to win a copy, please leave a thoughtful comment (with yr email or myspace address) or send an email as the winner will be randomly selected by november 19.

…unreleased pj peel session rarities…

claudine, the inflatable one [rid of me peel sessions 1993]

somebody’s down somebody’s name

art :: quepasa

10 Responses

  1. Paviel D.

    Thanks for keeping up this site. . . If it weren’t for your love of Polly Jean, I don’t think I could’ve ever found it.

    She’s unbelievable, that girl, ain’t she?

  2. Manuela

    I have loved Ms. Harvey ever since I was about sixteen and decided to take her album Rid of Me with me on a whim for a family road trip to Mexico. Needless to say, it was an almost painful experience to listen to that album on headphones in the back of a camper truck through the moonlit and cold night landscapes of rural Texas. It took me much work and effort to grapple and finally understand the album. Once I did, I gained an even greater amount of joy from all the guttural rage and energy she put on that album. It was a much easier process to love her for her To Bring You My Love album with all its Spanish guitars and torch songs. She became my greatest hero and muse through the most tumultuous years any young woman like myself could face. Those years when you’re attempting to mature from a misfit teenager to a disgruntled young adult forced to confront the world head-on. She became the sound of absolute freedom and liberation for me. Singing her songs word-for-word, phrasing-to-phrasing, seething energy to impassioned wailing, was always an act of liberation for me. She has meant so much to me and I’ll always respect her for it. I sadly have not seen her live but I wait for that one day and my one chance to see her primal energy come to life before my very eyes. In other words, she’s fucking awesome!!

    p.s. I love this blog. The aesthetic beauty of looking at it and listening to it at the same time. I have similar tastes and it’s like visiting a dear friend whenever I drop by here. Thank you for it.

  3. Anonymous

    my brother used to have a pj harvey poster over his bed…on the ceiling (

  4. Paul

    I recieved a copy from Filter yesterday 🙂 I’m so happy! haha I was hoping to be able to score extra copies to give away on our site as well but I guess I wasn’t lucky enough 😐

  5. Nick K

    Thank you so very much for posting rare PJ Harvey Peel Session tracks. I get so excited when I check your post everyday and to see my favorite musician made my whole day. I love those Black Session tracks that were posted a while back as well; they’re perhaps the best live tracks I’ve ever heard. Anyway, thanks again for always doing such a great job. 🙂

  6. batholemeew

    Ms Harvey and her band were great live a couple years ago and i assume they still are, being the consistent performers.

    If you havent already i recommend ‘Please Leave Quietly’ the DVD of PJ and band on tour, its a varied entertainmentfest.

    I like the purple and the artwork on the site….well done

  7. aerolls

    Polly Jean Harvey is the essence of post modernism art and intellectual self expressionism — everything that I admire in my favorite artists. To me she is the musical equivalent to Anais Nin, Ayn Rand and Frida Kahlo all in one. Her music is not only at times challenging and inspirational but also makes you think and question thoughts and actions you may have committed in your own life. Her songs always give me strength, hope and faith in power in myself. When she sings, she sings for everyone — her voice is so universally unique that every man and woman can relate and revere. Her words are memorable, enlightening and poetically powerful. PJ Harvey is the one who will be remembered as the artist who not only influenced others around her but a generation of lyrical enthusiasts searching for substance in our rhythmic passion that we call music.