Winter is coming

The night finally managed to reach moderately tolerable temperatures, opulently lit with huge bonfires and singing voices all around. After skipping round the maypole with the others, I’ve finally managed to find a quiet corner to ponder this year’s summer solstice. The days will grow shorter from now on, holding a very faint prophecy of chill and rain, once we scale the scorching hills of summer. It’s good to be reminded that even this sweaty, mosquito drenched heat will pass, global warming not standing, though it takes a few more months.

Nat Johnson

I don’t know why British Nat Johnson (of Monkey Swallowed the Universe) made me think of this longing for the cold; maybe it was her warm voice, fit for a place by the hearth. Perhaps, feeling stuck in this dreary job, the line “I want to go home” being repeated in “Heart of Clay” spoke to me in earnest. The overall soothing feeling of her songs, calmly blazing at my office’s speakers, certainly dispersed some of the summer wrought stickiness.

Are you also looking forward to winter solstice? Check out Nat Johnson on her website, MySpace and for more tracks and tour info.


Nat Johnson – Heart of Clay

Nat Johnson – Judy’s First Beat