worlds on fire: grammy-nominated artist exhibition

MIA of Black Eyed Peas presents Worlds on Fire, a music and art collaboration featuring portraits of 2009 Grammy nominees as drawn by pop surrealism artists. The exhibition’s celebration will take place at the Pacific Electric Lofts in downtown Los Angeles.

Worlds on Fire was conceived by in conjunction with his popular social and political networking site Dipdive, curated by Shooting Gallery and artist Kris Lewis, and produced by Gen Art. Focused on innovation and creativity, Worlds on Fire is the only event during Grammy Week bridging the gap between the once separate mediums of performing/recording arts and modern art.

rick rubin

List of Artists (and Musicians portraits created):


Only the most renowned artists have been commissioned to immortalize an elite selection of this year’s Grammy nominees with a personal portrait at the exhibition, which will serve as a lasting impression of the musician to commemorate their outstanding contributions to the world of music.

All of the original artwork will be on sale via silent auction with limited edition prints of each portrait also available for purchase. Proceeds from Worlds on Fire will benefit local charities including’s Peapod Foundation and Watts Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club to support LA youths in need.

trent reznor


Pacific Electric Lofts (Corner Of 6th And Main)
610 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA  90014
February 2nd – February 9th, 2009 1:00PM – 7:00PM

For more info contact:
Nicole Chabot at BNC | Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

3 Responses

  1. musicisart

    glad you enjoyed! i love the artists chosen, truly some of my favorites and ones that i’ve been happy to share here at MIA.

  2. Marilyn Roxie

    How cool! Excellent group of artists that have been selected as well. It is always nice to see the profound connection between music->art being recognized in the present day.