xl recordings in london

while everyone is creating their beautiful and amazing top lists of the year, im dedicated to the fact that i have no idea what to choose. ive learned so much about why i love what i love that im overwhelmed.all i know is i’d like to live here.

there would be my own private flat, lots of colored walls full of every piece of art that i stare at and cant get out of my head plus the scent of nag champa incense, calming soft candles and icicle white christmas lights along the walls. the entire place would perfectly glow and the music would be excellent.

in london, this place resides as XL recordings, home of thom yorke’s the eraser, one of my very favorite releases of this year.

a mastermind behind the artwork is the man hidden under the alias stanley donwood, who has been creating radiohead’s beautiful album covers over the years. winning a grammy for the design and packaging of amnesiac, donwood has been a forever special childhood friend of thom yorke’s growing up.

originally started in 2005 and unbeknownst to even the makings of the eraser, this artwork entitled *london waves* created secret meanings unveiling the threat of global warming and the rapture of floods that entered london years ago… but if you look even deeper, many have depicted that it feels like the entire state of this world.images. thankyou to andrew fox and green plastic

7 Responses

  1. Paul

    someone come post on my blog please. Looking at this house in person would give me vertigo probably. Just like Thom Yorke’s website.

  2. Squashed

    …look at it this way D,

    at least you post something. I haven’t done any posting for BF in days.

    the beauty of running your own blog. sometimes you don’t have to run it.

  3. Anonymous

    The Eraser is quite good, although I’m really looking forward to the seventh Radiohead album. But what they did with the art, particularly painting it as a mural, is really impressive. Thanks for the photos!