yeasayer :: tightrope


Brooklyn’s Yeasayer has been working and performing on brand new material for their upcoming sophomore release. The first scheduled single Tightrope has become a true fan favorite over the past year and recently was shared on the beautiful charity compilation Dark Was the Night, benefiting the Red Hots Organization aimed towards raising money for AIDS awareness. Crafted with an enticing melody and simply stated, enticing lyrics that question an exact feeling that often rushes through our minds, the song Tightrope still characteristically maintains the unique surprise of Yeasayer and their gypsy-like psychedelic appeal.

Last fall, the band recorded a studio session for Minnesota Public Radio’s the Current, showcasing Tightrope. Like all performances, Yeasayer’s live versions take on a stronger and more abstract experience of their overall music. Please enjoy below!

Tightrope (live @ The Current)

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  1. Adam Kurkey

    Amazing song and absolutely brilliant performance. This magnificent tune resonates deep in the listener and brings forth a raw, natural feeling that takes music to the next level. Keep up the stunning work!