you follow me…

the first time i heard nina nastasia, my body felt like it was on fire. the temperature rose so high in the room that i nearly felt cast under her spell. almost like one of those detailed dreams, that you cant help but remember after a rough night’s sleep. definitely, music not made for the faint of heart but certainly made for mine.

nina’s voice echos a world of bewilderment and disgust with this entire human race. she wallows inbetween signatures of steady fleetings of new york city storytellings that remain like her own personal biography of triumph and obligatory satisfaction for everything she continues to overcome.

stripped bare to a guitar and drums, her latest creation you follow me is collaboration with dirty three’s evocative drummer jim white. although, the two have been working and touring together over the years, for the first time they officially have made an album. with each maintaining their boundries, nina breathes acoustically and poetically casts about as jim experimentally shares invigourous light and passion.

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