you may say im a dreamer

dont anyone worry
im still alive

just enjoying a good lil break from here
but ill be back soon…

++azure ray :: november [november ep 2002]
++laika :: breather [sounds of the satellites 1997]
++cocorosie :: noah’s ark [noah’s ark 2005]
++joanna newsom :: sprout & the bean [milk eyed mender 2004]

image. john everett millais [high resolution]

6 Responses

  1. music is art

    no need to worry about me sq 🙂

    thankyou the kind words ms meliss and for understanding musicisart.

  2. miss meliss

    what taste you have, my dear! i absolutely adore joanna newsome and cocorosie, i’m sure the others will grow on me as well. the art is a nice accompanyment to the serenity.

    thanks for sharing these!

  3. Squashed

    yeah D, I start to worry about your “vacation/hiatus” bit.

    …it almost makes me slightly guilty not posting. heh.. *run and hide under the desk*