you would kill for this

there are moments when
when i know it and

the world revolves around us
and we’re keeping it, keep it all going
this delicate balance, vulnerable all knowing
sing like you think no one’s listening

from long island, new york, straylight run consists of john nolan (from taking back sunday) and his sister michelle derosa. currently unsigned, this family collaboration write such emotional lyrics and vocally carry it with the simplicity of their complimentary piano and guitar. along with their bassist shaun cooper and drummer will noon, straylight run have shared two full-length albums showcasing how much their music meaningfully seeps in.

existentialism on prom night
hands in the sky (big shot)
[prepare to be wrong, 2005]

image stills from straylight run’s hands in the sky video

5 Responses

  1. Roland

    They were the first band that I really got into, and the band that first got me into music. “Existentialism” is still one of my favorite songs. It’s a shame they got dropped. 🙁

    Amazing job with the site, especially recently, Danielle!

  2. mjrc

    if anyone ever secretly taped me singing in my car, they would definitely say, she’s singing like she thinks no one is listening. : )