you’re just a hideaway, you’re just a feeling


Originally a member of the Navy reserves in Alberta Canada, musician Kiesza focused her passion on becoming a dancer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. By the gift of a scholarship, Kiesza attended Berklee School of Music in Boston to polish up her original style of folk singing. In 2010 she moved to the always inspiring New York City where she experimented with different genres of uptempo music styles with collaborator and producer Rami Samir Afuni until the track “Hideaway” was created.

“It’s a crazy story. I was just about to head to the airport to board a plane to LA. At the time, I was in New York and I was going to head out there as my writing was picking up. I was ready to board a plane and Rami – the producer I work with – had started working on [‘Hideaway’] in the studio and it sounded really cool. It reminded me of a lot of the people that I’m into, so I asked if I could jump on the mic before I had to go. The entire song just came out. Everything you hear was finished in an hour-and-a-half. It just poured out. I nearly missed my flight; it was like a scene from a movie. Two days later, I get this call from Rami saying, “I think you need to come back to New York.” That’s when I knew I’d found a sound that really worked for me. I ended up going back there and working on more tracks. The rest is history.”

-Kiesza (Interview from Planet Notion, 2014)


Kiesza’s debut album “Sound of A Women” was released on October 21st 2014 showcasing her soulful vocals against a mixture of R&B, house, and pop melodies. Even Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ makes an appearance on “Bad Thing” providing the grit to Keisza’s sensual audio overload.




You’re bringing me closer to the edge of letting go

British singer-songwriter Ben Howard created his own live reindition of Kiesza’s Hideaway, taking an intimate acoustic reaction that beautifully reinvents the song to his own personal liking.


Vijay & Sofia Zlatko re-edited Ben Howard’s cover into a chilled out remix.

[Artwork by Borja Fernandez]