you’ve been on my mind // now let me get in yours

Hailing from Ireland, Jack Colleran better known as MMOTHS, creates beautiful bedroom blends of electronica that inspire a softer sense of human emotion and expression. Young at the age of only nineteen years old, MMOTHS began experimenting with Abelton Live, shared a few beats on Soundcloud, and was quickly signed by Los Angeles label SQE MUSIC. After his self-titled debut EP was favorited last year, MMOTHS began opening up for major headliners like At the Drive-In, and Aphex Twin. Recently MMOTHS created a new album entitled Diaries that was released on March 5, 2013 collaborating with the likes of female vocalist Holly Miranda. Sure to bring the mood of your room to an exceptionally chilled out and darkened vibe, the stunning single All These Things perfectly showcases how hypnotic his work is.


MMOTHS – All These Things (featuring Holly Miranda)

The artwork featured here is by Montreal based artist, and photographer Sofia Ajram. Her dreamscapes felt reminiscent to the sound and visual feeling of MMOTHS music. Sofia speaks of her photography as “the galaxies projected within and without: absolute space and absolute time. I want to share with you the stars contained by the new souls of my race, humanity, in its infancy. Let me show you something electromagnetic. Let me take you to the place where their dreamscapes and our reality exchange glances. Let me help you remember.”