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the veils “i don’t know if it’s like stimulation.. its just kind of, i don’t know… whenever i come here, whenever i come home, i just feel kind of better and clearer and i find it easier to write. its something about new zealand and devonport specifically – it does kind of harbour a real sadness. well, not a sadness, but an undercurrent of something i always feel really strongly when i come back and it makes me want to write again and makes me feel like i need to, you know?”interview with finn andrews of the veils from ozmusicproject

washed inside the many layers and textures of piano, string sections, guitars lingering, the way 19 year old singer finn andrews takes full control of the veils with his deep passionate screams, creates the entire sound into mature, romantic, lush, yearning intensity.finn andrews is the son of barry andrews, who was the keyboardist of xtc. growing up, finn was a musical prodigy and today is known to put on quite the live emotionally hypnotizing performance.

i find it so hard to
without when within you.

:: lavinia ::

it still amazes me that the veils are not further than they already are. their album the runaway found is one of my favorites of the last year and theres true anticipation for the new album *nux vomica* that will be released on september 11, 2006. listen to the upcoming track pan.

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  1. Jackie

    Completely in love with Nux Vomica girl.
    Can’t stop listening to the Veils…
    Great blog.