Zero 7 :: Crush Tape



Back in April 2001, the band Zero 7 released the seductive song Destiny featuring the female vocals of the beloved Sia, and Sophie Barker. Destiny was featured on Zero 7’s stunning debut album Simple Things, along with the track “In the Waiting Line” from the movie soundtrack Garden State. There began an obsession for a world filled with everything musically that was slow, soft, and downtempo.


This spring Zero 7 returned with a set of “stray sounds” that have been placed on E.P.3 as a taste to their forthcoming album that they have been working on for over the last 5 years.


Zero 7 – Crush Tape

Instrumental.. ambience.

Zero 7 – Last Light (ft Jose Gonzalez)

Always a perfect combination.


Enjoy the entire EP here:

(Graffiti Street Art by Zero7)