Harry Styles’s “Harry’s House” new album is a pop delight

He’s a man of many talents, but it seems as though Harry Styles has finally found his calling as a pop star. His self-titled debut album, released on May 20, is a breezy collection of songs that showcase the singer’s range as a songwriter and performer.

Styles was just 16-years old when he joined One Direction in 2010, so it’s not surprising that his first solo album sounds more mature than anything he put out with the boyband. He’s no longer singing about teenage love and heartbreak. instead, he’s singing about failed relationships and how bad it feels to be broken up with.

There are still plenty of ballads on Harry Styles’ album but there are also a lot of upbeat tracks that show off his therapeutic voice. The best of these is “Sign of the Times,” which features some of his best vocals and some interesting production choices (like the instrumental break halfway through the song).

Styles said that Harry’s House “sounds like the biggest and most fun out of all his albums, but also note that it is the most intimate one.

Also, Styles talked about getting more comfortable talking about sex, but he didn’t explain what he meant by “intimate.” ” I think I got to a place where I was like, why do I feel ashamed? I’m a 26 years old man who’s single, it’s like yes, I have sex.”

Really though, Harry Styles isn’t here to win any accolades or break barriers. He’s simply here to make honest pop songs that anyone can enjoy and appreciate. And while his most recent album takes off the music peak, it is produced a handful of songs that stand on their own in an increasingly saturated genre. The only problem is he needs to stop winning fans over and just start making music for them because his album “Harry’s House” is worth to listen putting aside his fame as an idol and member of a boyband but as a musician of his own.